Smi’touha Minni; The Satirical Comedy Series Deconstructing Arab Traditions and Misconceptions

As more people have started talking about stereotypes and misconceptions in our society, social media has become an influential platform for creative and useful content, especially satirical comedy that tackles Arab traditions. ‘Smi’touha Minni’ (you heard it from me) is a ten-episode satirical comedy video series that deconstructs common traditions and misconceptions about the roles of men and women in Arab societies. The show features short, quick sketches, in addition to some narration mixed with humor, to portray specific topics.

Sponsored by The Womanity Foundation, Maria Elayan, the show’s host, together with Amanda Abou Abdallah, the director, address topics like honor killing, sexual harassment, marriage, menstrual cycles, and masculinity. The show is featured on ‘Khateera’, a platform for everything related to women and feminism, founded by Amanda.

Smi’touha Minni’s videos are not just entertaining, they’re informative too. We’ve compiled our favorite episodes here; keep scrolling for some hilarious insights into Arab traditions and taboos!

WE SAID THIS: Follow Smi’touha Minni for more and don’t forget to check out “Breaking Taboos: Arab Women Are Finally Addressing Social Stigmas and Unspoken Truths“!

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