Breaking: Egypt’s Public Prosecution Orders Arrest of ‘Fairmont Incident’ Perpetrators

The Egyptian Public Prosecution issued an official statement ordering the arrest of the perpetrators involved in the widely-known “Fairmont Incident”, which took place in 2014. The statement included placing them on the country’s arrivals watch list, and banning them from travel. This comes after the Public Prosecution conducted its ongoing investigations in the case, which included questioning the victim and several witnesses.

«النيابة العامة» تأمر بضبط المتهمين في واقعة التعدي على فتاة بفندق (فيرمونت) عام ٢٠١٤، ووضعهم على قوائم المنع من السفر…

Posted by ‎Egyptian Public Prosecution النيابة العامة المصرية‎ on Monday, August 24, 2020

The infamous “Fairmont Incident” was originally brought to light on the Instagram page, Assault Police, where accounts began to resurface of a group of men who drugged and raped a young woman during a party at the Fairmont, going so far as to record video evidence that was later widely circulated among their social circles. Although it took place in 2014, this case only came to light after the Ahmed Bassam Zaki case, which also began on social media, and later led to his arrest.

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