Egypt’s Public Prosecution Officially Opens Investigation Into the ‘Fairmont Incident’

By CodeCarvings Piczard

On Wednesday, Egypt’s Public Prosecution announced through its Facebook page that it received an official complaint on Tuesday, filed by the National Council for Women (NCW), from a woman who was sexually assaulted by multiple men at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel in 2014. The complaint was accompanied by testimonies that include information on the incident, as well as evidence of the crime.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution also stated that it will announce the investigation’s results at a time it deems appropriate.

تلقت «النيابة العامة» بتاريخ أمس الثلاثاء الموافق الرابع من شهر أغسطس عام 2020 م كتابًا من «المجلس القومي للمرأة» مرفقًا…

Posted by ‎Egyptian Public Prosecution النيابة العامة المصرية‎ on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This specific case was originally introduced on social media as the “Fairmont Incident”. It was reported that a group of men drugged and gang raped a young woman during a party at the Fairmont, going so far as to record video evidence that was later widely circulated among their social circles. The case only came to light after the Ahmed Bassam Zaki case, which also began on social media, and later led to his arrest.

For the past few weeks, hundreds of people all over social media have been spreading word about the incident, demanding an official investigation into the case and justice for the survivors.

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