#WaraElMazzika: We Talk to Marwan Younis After His Latest Summer Hit, ‘Bakrahko Koloko’!

In this edition of #WaraElMazzika, we had an exclusive chit-chat with Singer, Actor, and Social Media Icon Marwan Younis. It’s becoming a ritual that Marwan releases a new song every summer. For the third year in a row, Younis posted a song during summer and it instantly became a viral hit that’s being played everywhere in Sahel.

After the success of “Eih Yalla Dah”, and “El Farafeer”, Marwan released “Bakrahko Koloko” which has already garnered thousands of views across social media platforms. We got to discuss Marwan’s latest hit, his future acting plans, and more. Follow our hashtag #WaraElMazzika for more exclusives from the music scene.

How did the idea of the new song come to you? 

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and noticed that every post I see is negative. So I switched to Instagram and found someone insulting me without any reason. Everyone was spreading negative energy, so I felt that this is the current mood. Everyone is hating on everyone, thus, “Bakrahko Koloko”. I found out that no one wrote a song about this before, and it will be funny and interesting to try.

What is the feedback that you received so far? 

The feedback I received so far is that a lot of people related to this song. I got a lot of comments of “Relatable”, “This is us”, etc. There was one comment that said, “If 2020 was a song, this is it”. Another feedback that I received is that some people loved the 90s, nostalgic feel of the song while others didn’t. So it was more controversial than my other songs.

Why did you choose this topic for this year’s summer song? 

I chose this topic because this is the reality of what’s happening now. That’s what 2020 is doing to us. But I didn’t want it to be understood as negative. On the contrary, I created it with a funny tune to make sure it’s light.

Do you have plans to up the pace of releasing songs (more than one song every summer)? 

I do have plans, and there is a song that’s already formulating in my head. It’s probably going back to the Mahraganat genre (like El Farafeer), as it’s the closest thing to the way I sing. Not sure If I’m releasing it when it’s done or will wait for months or a year before I do. There is no deadline for content creation.

When you compose, what comes first, the lyrics or the music? 

When I compose the music comes first, or at least the main melody. When I begin to open my audio-production software I play until I reach the tunes that are stuck in my head, then I add the beat, then compose the lyrics.

Any acting projects coming out soon? 

There is an acting appearance this November, a series that will come out on Shahid. It’s written by Adham Abdelghaffar, and this specific episode was directed by him as well. It’s a scene in front of Eyad Nassar. It’s a short scene, maybe like the one in the “Blue Elephant”. But for me it’s a great experience to act in front of Eyad with a director that I really like.

What are your future plans? 

There are no definite future plans, the thing on the horizon that I’m planning for and want to participate in is El Gouna Film Festival, I want to do something nice in it. Be it a small TV Show, a platform show, or digital content. Also, I’m looking forward for more acting opportunities. I’m also evolving my radio show every while, and this will stay as is. And most probably I’ll be working on a mega TV Show. We were working on something but it came to a stop as a result of the COVID-19.

After exploring acting, singing, content creation, and TV presenting, what else do you aim to explore? 

After all of this, I’m not sure what else would I want to try in this field. Maybe stand up comedy, I’ve never tried it before. I’d be interested if it’s a proper tour in different countries. Also, DJing is a thing that I’d love to try. I played electronic music when I was 14, and I used to want to be a DJ, so it’s something that I might try one day.

What other topics would you like to sing about?

I always want to choose a topic that hasn’t been tackled before. When I did El Farafeer, I asked myself, did anyone make a song before on someone who doesn’t have a problem? I always like to choose controversial topics that are unique and fun to explore.

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