Proudly Made in Egypt: All You Need to Know About the New Gas-Powered Buses

By Nour El-Miligi

Cairo recently celebrated the operation of a fleet of new air-conditioned buses with the slogan “Proudly made in Egypt”. The new buses are fuel-efficient, manufactured in accordance with the nature and conditions of Egyptian roads, and are operating in accordance with Egypt’s Public Transport Authority. Local Egyptian companies have so far manufactured a total of 120 buses with tickets at a very affordable price for passengers, and they’re all set to hit the roads, citing that these buses run on natural gas and are environmentally friendly. The buses also come in line with the government’s plan to convert all cars to run on natural gas in an attempt to not only protect the environment but to reduce diesel and gasoline consumption as well.

The buses are scheduled to take over their own routes and operate on new lines with a fee that ranges from 5-10 Egyptian pounds per ticket.

They debuted on their first day with the presence of the Governor of Cairo, Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, together with a large number of Cairo governorate officials. According to Governor Abdel-Al, the newly introduced buses were launched to serve Egyptian citizens as well as to improve the services as promised. These buses will hopefully help lessen the burden on Egyptians as they struggle to find a comfortable, affordable and safe ride to their destination.

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