From Ramallah to the World: Palestinian Rap Crew BLTNM Stars in Burberry’s Latest Campaign

Via Arab News

The rap scene in the Arab World has been making mad waves over the past few years. One of the most influential rap groups that are contributing to the rise of the Arab rap is BLTNM, the Palestinian group from Ramallah! They are, by all means, taking things to the next level, which became evidently clear after their latest campaign with British luxury fashion house, Burberry.

BLTNM is one of the most exciting rap groups out there, and it’s not only about their music and lyrics; you can see just how unique their characters are through their interviews. The crew became the stars of the new Burberry campaign, curated by Ma3azef, an Arabic web-magazine dedicated to contemporary Arabic music.

Shabjdeed, Al-Nather, and Shabmouri can be seen in the video wearing the label’s distinctive signature pieces from the Burberry monogram collection, wandering around a desert oasis with some awesome music in the background.

This mesmerizing campaign isn’t the first time that Burberry collaborates with Palestinian talents; their recently released Spring 2020 campaign starred Palestinian Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid.

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