Jaw Ard: A Rap Collab Between Ramallah’s Shabjdeed and Egyptian Producer Molotof

Via YouTube

The entire rap scene in the Arab world is being disrupted after a major hit was dropped by two of the most promising artists in the region, Palestinian Rapper Shabjdeed and Egyptian Music Producer Moltof! “Jaw Ard” is a fusion that is nothing like what we’ve seen before in the Arabic music scene; two very innovative musicians are collaborating to produce a cultural masterpiece.

“From Cairo to Ramallah, two of the best artists in the middle east collaborated in a passion project and they expressed their vision in these hard times we are all facing,” reads the caption of the music video, and we couldn’t agree more.

We love Shajdeed’s performance and lyrics, and we’re definitely fascinated by Molotof’s music. But great flow, music, and lyrics are nothing alien to these two artists. The real surprise from “Jaw Ard” is the music video that will totally raise the bar for the scene. The music video is directed by Eslam Abo El Enein, the production is by Nojara Productions, and the mastering is by Ismail Nosrat.

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