Credit to the Artist: Zee’s Breathtaking Brave New World Shoot is an Absolute Must-See

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As content creators and fashion enthusiasts, we here at Scoop definitely admire astounding shoots that are not just visually appealing, but also have a concrete concept and showcase a daring collection. The cherry on top is when you realize that the shoot is by a leading homegrown brand that also happens to be sustainable. Those are the first thoughts that crossed our minds when we first saw Zee’s mesmerizing shoot for their Brave New World collection!

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"Unlike the dystopian narrative of Huxley’s Brave New World, I interpreted the title of this classic book in its literal optimistic connotation: a new world, a new state urging us to be brave. To project into a brighter reality after undergoing a hardship, and collectively conquering it. A bright and courageous rebirth embracing the adventure… I envisioned a collection that is inspired by a combination of: adventure & trekking sandals, comfort beach & city slides and Greco-Roman sandal silhouettes. The collection references sports & active footwear in its materials and forms stressing on comfort, practicality and gear for adventure. As I prepared for the collection campaign I wanted to collaborate with creative performers and dancers in order to build with them the story, imagery and choreography of the campaign. Thus, the collaboration with Nafaq came to life and they became the stars of the campaign." – Kegham Nafaq is an Egyptian dance duet which consists of @hanintarek and @aminaabuelghar Nafaq’s starting point stemmed from the need for exploration, expression and passion towards movement and dance. The dance duet strives to transcend any dance categories as they work on merging a variety of dance types such as Hip-hop, African dance, tap, and contemporary all together to find new modes of movement and performative expressions. Concept & Creative Direction: @keghamdjeghalian Cinematography: @muhammadgamaleldin Photography: @aminazaher Image & Art Direction: @mahahamada__ Makeup: @agneshkah Hair: @mazen.tayaa Wardrobe: @shahiralasheen Post-Production: Graphics & Creation: @salmaelkafrawy_ Product & Creation: @hisham.hamdi Assistant Videography: Amir Ali #MakeZeeMoves #ZeeSteps #ZeeBraveNewWorld #Zee

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Everything about this shoot is just so well put together, from the location to the styling and aesthetics, not to mention the astounding dancing from Nafaq. The concept and creative direction of Brave New World are by the talented Kegham Djeghalian, and everyone working with him on this project was definitely on point.

The brilliant cinematography is by Muhammad Gamal El-din, the photography by Amina Zaher, and the Image and Art Direction is by Maha Hamada. Makeup credits go to Agnieszka Hoscilo, with hair by Mazen Tayaa, and wardrobe by Shahira Lasheen.

The list goes on! Post-production is by Hue, graphics and creation are by Salma El Kafrawy, the product and creation are by Hisham Hamdi, and in the role of assistant videographer was Amir Ali.

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