Savor The Unusual: Dubai’s Most Unique Dining Experiences

Known as the ultimate foodie paradise, Dubai knows how to serve up some of the finest street food, fine dining, and international cuisine.

Beyond that, it constantly knows how to up the foodie experience, whether through Seven Paintings, a multi-sensory dining experience that involves an entire table that comes to life with 3D visuals of art, or for the adventure seekers, a dinner 50 meters above the ground with Dinner In The Sky.

Along with that, the city offers many other kinds of restaurants that turn dining into an experience; here are some of our top picks:

Aprons and Hammers 

Known as the award-winning Dubai crab shack that serves up bucket-loads of seafood, from shrimps and lobsters to the mighty crab, Aprons and Hammers brings a touch of fun to your dining experience.

For the ultimate experience, head to the JBR branch and take a seat outside to get the coolest view overlooking the beach and the looming extravagance of Ain Dubai.

Get your orange apron on, pull over a bucket of tools, including the wooden mallet and the metallic cracker, and get ready to feast in your bucket.

Pro Tip: We recommend covering your seafood in the garlic chili sauce, probably the most addictive sauce to try on the menu.


Taking Indian food and completely turning it on its head is Farzi, the modern Indian eatery that excels at “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Picture this, smoke flowing from your food and foam resting atop your glazed shrimp; that’s the kind of experience you’ll have at Farzi.

Along with that are their completely re-created fan-favorite Indian dishes. Whether it’s the bao bun butter chicken or the dal chawal arancini, there’s truly a surprise in every corner.

Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot 

If you have a big group of friends and crave a dining experience that’s both interactive and delicious, then hot pot is the way to go.

Nestled at JBR is Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot, a multi-booth space with cooking stations on each table. Sitting down, you’ll immediately be given a tablet boasting a massive menu of everything you can imagine, including raw mushrooms, tofu, beef, and much more.

With your friends, you’ll pick all the ingredients as well as the two kinds of broth in which the food will be cooked. Once everything arrives, you’ll get to pour the ingredients into the broth and watch it as it gets cooked.

For the adventurous types, go for the spicy broth, but do so with caution, as you might regret it the next morning.

Time Out Market 

Ever craved eating from around the world in one sitting? That you can do at Dubai’s latest addition known as the Time Out Market at Souk El Bahar.

Set up as a grand, sprawling food hall, walking into Time Out Market will feel like you’re walking through an international food court.

You can eat escargots from Paris, pit fire pizza from Italy, and fried chicken dumplings from China all in one go. It’s every foodie’s dream and a definite must-add to your travel bucket list!

Spice Klub 

Vegetarian food may not be for everyone but when it comes to the Indian eatery known as Spice Klub, you’ll feel like you won’t be missing beef for a while. Arriving at Spice Klub, you’ll be met with its standout vibrant color wall inspired by a traditional Indian art form known as ‘rangoli.’

Beyond the blast in color, you’ll get to indulge in unique vegetarian Indian dishes with the main crowd favorite being their injectable pani puri (deep-fried breaded spheres) that get filled with chickpeas and a green liquid mix.

From slamming a hammer on a crab leg to injecting fried dough balls with a green liquid, all these Dubai dining experiences add that much-needed interactive, playful touch when we all need a break from traditional dining.

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