Mango Mania: Must-Try Desserts Across the Region

Mango season is here, and you’re probably already enjoying biting into your favorite summer fruit. Now, we thought it was the right time to introduce you to some of the coolest mango creations you can try out across the region. Fingers crossed, they tame your mango cravings and make this season even more delightful.

B Laban’s Mango Bomb

Every time B Laban introduces one of their latest whimsical desserts, they always like to do it with some flair. Their latest dessert is the mighty “mango bomb,” which they introduced by having the B Laban crew don white sunglasses and whip up the dessert to the beat of Eslam Shendy’s “El Seif Dah Betaana” (This Summer Is Ours).

The mango dessert is basically rice pudding covered in mango, strawberry, apple, and banana juice. It is topped with clotted cream and served with basbousa and rolled konafa. Not only will you get that dose of mango, but a sugar rush will follow.

Mango-Only Menu At Indian Eatery Dhaba Lane 

Sometimes, when we really love something, we don’t just want to eat it for dessert but also as a main course. With the Dubai-based Indian eatery Dhaba Lane, that dream has become a reality. They have an entire mango-only menu that will have you eating mango as a starter, main course, and dessert.

You can start with their dynamite prawn pakoda, and then, for the main course, go for their chicken with green mangoes or their mango kofta curry. Once it’s time for dessert, indulge in their own rendition of the mango tres leches cake.

Taiyaki With Mango Ice Cream At Keki Japanese Bakery

For anyone who is a fan of Japanese desserts, you will probably have heard of taiyaki, a fish shaped pancake usually filled with red bean paste. Seeing how we are diving into the world of mangoes, we want to introduce to you a delicious mango version of the dessert: taiyaki with mango ice cream.

Served up at Abu Dhabi’s Keki Japanese Bakery, you can enjoy watching your thick pillowy pastry getting filled with mango ice cream as your server pulls down on the knob of the machine.

Mango Korean Shaved Ice At Kuidaore

You may have heard of shaved ice before, but have you ever tried Korean shaved ice? Known as bingsu, this special dessert is a giant mountain fluffy milk-based shaved ice typically topped off with chopped fruit, sweetened condensed milk, mochi, and sweet red beans.

Now, in Qatar, there is a specialty Korean dessert shop that serves up this icy treat. Seeing how this article is all about mangos, they’ve made their own rendition of the dessert, which is basically mango Korean shaved ice served with chunks of mango, cheesecake cream, mango sauce, and cheese cubes.

Mango Ice Cream Bites At La Baguette Bakery

If you are into expertly crafted desserts from a professional bakery and patisserie shop, then Kuwait’s LaBaguette Bakery’s desserts will be up your alley. Along with their delicious assortment of meticulously crafted cakes, they also like to make mango creations.

Our pick for this season has to be their mango ice cream bites, which not only provide the needed cool down in the summer but also give you that rush of mango sweetness.

All these different desserts serve up mangoes in new and unexpected ways so that you get to truly indulge in the summer season.

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