If “Inside Out” Was Arab, Who Would Play Each Emotion?

When it came out back in 2015, the world was held aback as their emotions were literally walking and talking characters on the screen. “Inside Out” became a major phenomenon by introducing a whole new way of personifying our psyche.

Now, its sequel is out in cinemas, and to mark the occasion, we are presenting to you Arab celebs who we believe should play each emotion:

Sadness: Tamer Ashour

No one does aching heartbreak quite like Egypt’s Tamer Ashour. His music packs some real heart wrench, from the sappy melodies to the lyrics laced with pain. Even the names of his songs reek with agony, like “Haygely Mawgoo'” (He Will Come To Me in Pain). That is why we think he makes the perfect celeb to take on the role of Sadness. Get those tissues ready!

Joy: Hussain Al Jassmi

Known for his massive white smile, Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi is one of those rare artists who brings an air of joy. Even if you search his name on Google, you’ll find a huge smile plastered on his face.

With one of his many songs being all about the fun of swimming (“Balbata”), nothing brings the fun and dose of positivity quite like him.

Anger: Nicolas Mouawad

Known as the popular Lebanese actor who’s been taking Egyptian cinema and TV by storm. Despite his down-to-earth and sweet nature in real life, he does take on many roles that show off his more serious and angry side. His face alone has just the right amount of frown and the perfect scowl for the role.

Disgust: Abla Kamel

You know that look of disgust you get from your mom the moment you enter the house? It is a thing in Egyptian households. They love us, don’t get us wrong, but that look comes with the Arab mom package, and no one epitomizes that energy more than Abla Kamel.

We really can’t think of anyone else to channel that pure level of disgust.

Via Amazon; Via Al Ain

Fear: Ismail Yassin

He is already the master of facial expressions, and you probably thought he fits more as Joy, but in many ways, the legendary Ismail Yassin knows how to put on a scared face, making him perfect for portraying fear.

We know that the sequel also includes Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Envy, but it is hard to match Arab celebs for those emotions. Let us know if you agree with our picks, and if not, who would you pick for each emotion?

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