Riyadh’s Arab Fashion Week Postponed Until Further Notice

Saudi Arabia has been taking modernization to a whole new level. From street parades, concerts, and mixed movie theatres, the Kingdom seems to be on its way to transform its vision for fashion. This week, Arab Fashion Week was due to take place at the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh March 26-31. However, according to members of the executive board, the event has been postponed with no new dates confirmed. A new schedule is to be announced today.

The event is organized by the world’s largest non-profit fashion council, Arab Fashion Council (AFC), representing 22 Arabic countries members of the Arab League with Princess Noura Bint Faisal as the honorary president. 

Via Rappler

“We are proud of the significant progress achieved by the Arab Fashion Council in Riyadh, as we announce today the first Fashion Week in the history of the Kingdom. We are excited to see the fruits of the effort to launch this event in a relatively record period, and we thank the global support shown by the International fashion community, which strongly reflects the firm position of Saudi Arabia not only as an economic force but also as a cultural and creative hub. This is a new era that we are witnessing, an era where “only dreamers are welcome to join” to use the words of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman,” Princess Noura previously commenting on the event.

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