Relatable, Accurate & Downright Hilarious First Day Moments Of Ramadan

Today’s the first day of Ramadan which means three things: exhaustion, food cravings all-day long and a slew of hilarious mishaps that will make for an unforgettable start to the holy month. Let’s take a journey through some of the funniest situations you will face on that very first day.

Ramadan Amnesia…

It’s the first day, you’ve woken up so you head to the kitchen, cook up some foul and prep some coffee and indulge while sitting on a relaxing couch. Minutes later, after finishing your meal, there is your mum standing there, surprise written all over her face because guess what? You completely forgot it’s the first day of Ramadan and broke your fast 5 minutes into your first day.

Snooze On-Repeat

Everyone knows that the first day of Ramadan starts the moment the sun rises but thing is, if you don’t wake up for suhoor, that’s game over for your first day. Guess what, that’s the case for pretty much everyone on the first day and it’s always hilarious. It’s so easy to picture; you laying on your bed, slamming the snooze button countless times until the prayer call tells you it’s too late. Thing is though, you’ll probably just keep sleeping till iftar and get up to find your mum’s delicious first day Ramadan spread.

The Maternal Glare

The first day is the one day when your mum will be in that kitchen with her sleeves rolled up, set out on a mission to whip out the most elaborate and delicious iftar spread of the entire month. This day sets the standard for the entire month so our mothers take it pretty seriously. Caution: tread carefully if you are thinking of stepping foot into that kitchen. Even if your intentions are good and you just want to help, trust us when we say, stay clear from the kitchen and surrounding area.

Sleep Eating

Before the first day of Ramadan, many of us usually have this sneaky plan where we decide to stay up after sunrise by a couple of hours so that we’d avoid the tiring fast and wake up a couple minutes before iftar. Thing is, it’s the first day so our body is still not used to the whole upside-down sleep schedule. So, what will happen is your dad or mum will come into the room, plop a date in your mouth and leave you to continue your hilarious slumber.

Pray Or Eat First Debate

Via El Balad

It’s a constant struggle every Ramadan especially on the very first day where the family will enter into a hilarious argument of whether they should pray first or eat first. It’s a whole thing and leads to some hilarious incidents whether it’s one of your cousins sneaking off with a piece of chicken pane to his bedroom to avoid the debate or your dad standing in front of the prayer mat, glaring at everyone to join him.

Surviving The First Family Gathering

Full-fledged family gatherings are a huge part of the first day of Ramadan. On that day, you will meet up with relatives who you hadn’t seen in months; whether it’s that distant cousin from your mum’s side who you probably forgot existed or your nosy aunt asking her typical awkward and hilarious questions. Also, expect some hilarious moments after iftar including the annual fight over which Ramadan show to watch together as a family.

Dodge Incoming Bags of Free Ramadan Food

Yes, you read that right, every Ramadan, many people hit up the streets minutes before iftar to give people bags of free food and sometimes, the whole thing is taken way out of proportion. On the first day in particular, some people get a little too into the role and would literally throw bags of Ramadan food filled with dates, juice, and water through the windows of moving cars. Drivers would literally have to dodge the careening bag coming at them at full speed.

That first day of the holy month might be tiring but it does have a special charm to it as it sets the tone for the rest of Ramadan. There’s the full iftar spread, the family shenanigans as well as the late-night suhoor escapades. Add to that all those hilarious first-day moments and you have the perfect day to mark the start of the holy month.

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