Here Are Some of Our Favorite Ramadan-Themed TikToks to Lift Your Spirits This Month

So many of us spend most of our days during the holy month of Ramadan either sleeping, binge-watching our favorite series, or working just to pass time as fast as possible till Iftar. Tiktok has been one of the places where you can pass your time by watching the funniest videos ever. This application has been among the leading social media platforms of entertainment where a lot of people post the funniest videos while acting out a scenario or lipsyncing their favorite songs. So scroll down to have a look at our favorite Ramadan-themed TikToks to lift your Spirit!


Its the second day of Ramadan and they’re back singing jingles 😂😭 #ramadanmubarak #ramadan #foryou #fyp #arabboy #tiktokarab #shabsheek #muslim

♬ original sound – shabsheek

اكتب سبوسه وانت مغمض اتحداك 😂❤️#دويتو #فايز_الدوسري #تيم_لوكو

♬ ماما قوقو – s_a_l_o_o_m

اختشي بعد الصحور @mondamekawy

♬ original sound – mississa

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