EBE’s Marketing Make-Over is a Solid Role Model for the Banking Sector!

With a creative marketing team and management driving strategic plans that focus on the customers’ needs and goals, EBE bank could make step-change growth.

Today’s youth are fertile ground for tomorrow’s success, so EBE didn’t only focus on business owners, but also paid attention to the youth, and proved that the bank, by all means, supports young businessmen. The bank adopted new concepts in attracting new clients through building relationships with entrepreneurs and consumers while they are still young; this approach helps EBE build loyalty, and gradually, this targeted audience will turn into permanent customers.

This concept has been reinforced through EBE’s latest slogan “Rayheen Ma’a Ba’d Le Bokra” that headlined their new Ramadan song by Yasmine Ali. The choice of the starlet songstress who is popular among youth and could achieve success in a short period of time reflects the bank’s plan of attracting young businessmen and entrepreneurs.

رايحين مع بعض لبكره

طول ما احنا سوا .. بكره ميخوفش!#رايحين_مع_بعض_لبكره #EBE#رمضان_كريم

Posted by Export Development Bank Of Egypt on Monday, May 4, 2020

Due to constant changes in the market today, such as the emerging of new trends and evolving of customer preferences, pushed the bank to adopt a new, modern persona. With the role of EBE’s management and their openness to new ideas, alongside 5 Degrees Marketing Solutions, EBE could maintain its market leadership and present a great case study for successful re-branding. The new marketing strategies that EBE has been using lately put the bank in the lead when it comes to creativity and innovation.

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