Passive Aggressive WhatsApp Messages and What They Really Mean


Texting takes a big chunk of our daily activity. We’ve even learnt to do it while driving, eating or even in the bathroom! It’s become the easiest form of communication, that everything is conveyed through texting. But how are attitudes and facial expressions supposed to be transferred and understood without the face to face interaction?

Here are responses we use while texting and what they really mean:


What it really means: I don’t want to talk about this subject and I’m definitely not coming right back


it’s fine / i’m fine / fine

What it really means: You’re in deep shit


just kidding

What it really means: Not kidding, but you overreacted and I don’t want to fight right now



What it really means: I’m trying to show that I don’t care by not putting the “o” at the beginning, but really I’m furious at you



What it really means: I’m obviously right and you’re a freaking idiot


(no smiley face when there usually is one)

What it really means: I hate your guts right now


(online, no reply)

What it really means: Yup, I’m ignoring you and I will continue to do so until you’ve made up for whatever wrong you’ve committed


(switching from English to Arabic)

What it really means: Anger. Lots and lots of anger


(switching from Arabic to English)

What it really means: I’m lecturing you



What it really means: The mother of all passive aggressive words, usually shifts the conversation from passive aggressive to a straight up fight


(y) – thumbs up sign

What it really means: You’re a dumbass



What it really means: Something between “k” and “(y)”


* – correcting the other person’s spelling/grammar

What it really means: Fuck you


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