15 Signs You’re in a Relationship with Food

Some people underestimate the importance of food. As Arabs, we live to eat, not the other way round. Our whole lives revolve around that one act that brings us the most pleasure in our daily routines.

Here are 15 signs that you’re in a relationship with food:


1. When you’re eating and you’re already thinking about your next meal.

Woman at table overloaded with food

2. When you’re hungry, you completely stop functioning until food is inserted into your system.


3. And if it isn’t, you start looking like this.


4. When it comes to life choices, food is above everything else.


5. You don’t share your food, because your relationship with it is just that intimate.


6. Food makes you feel well.. Too well.. Inappropriately well.




7. You eat when you feel bored, angry, sad, happy, confused, or any other feeling under the sun.


8. You love food more than you love people.


9. You look forward to every meal. Sometimes the thought of a delicious breakfast could be the reason you get up in the morning. (You should really rethink your life if this applies to you!)


10. You go to weddings, or similar events, just for the buffet.

images (2)

11. You instagram everything you eat.





12. You have a 2-mile-long list of what the new dishes/food places you wanna try are.

Woman Reading Long List

13. Food network & Fatafeat are your favorite channels, Martha Stewart is your idol and your favorite competition show is MasterChef.



14. You could spend your entire day dreaming about something you wanna eat.




15. You freak out if you open the fridge and don’t immediately see the leftover you’ve been dreaming about eating all day.



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