Six Diet Foods That Actually Make You Fat


Some of your favorite diet foods or snacks might not be as healthy as you think they are. The thing is, foods that are packed with low fats might also include unhealthy processed ingredients, which leads to even more calories.

You shouldn’t obsess about food or losing weight, though. All you need is to know more about fattening foods and how to substitute them with healthier options.

Here are six diet foods that make you fat without you knowing:


1. Granola bars: It’s true that granola bars are made of nuts and oats, yet when sugar and oil are added then wrapped in a pack, here comes the trouble. Ready-made granola bars are highly packed with sugar and unsaturated fats. To avoid the extra pounds, opt for home-made granola bars or fruits as a snack.


2. Low-fat cereals: Diet cereals aren’t as low-fat as you think they are. Whether they’re mixed with dried fruits, nuts or oats, there’s a big chance they’re no different than regular cereals. Compare the nutritional facts on the labels. Miniature dried fruits also have lots of concentrated sugar.


3. Low-fat cheese: As frustrating as it sounds, cheese can be loaded with plenty of fats. I’m sorry to tell you that the low-fat cheese you are used to eating is highly persevered and not quite healthy. Instead, go for options like fresh made cottage cheese or low-salt cheese.


4. Yoghurt: One of the easier choices one can make is to replace normal yoghurt with Greek yoghurt or low-fat yoghurt. Fruit yoghurt or even frozen low-fat yoghurt doesn’t really differ much from a cup of ice cream in terms of calories. Replace the full fat yoghurt with low-fat or fat-free yoghurt for better results.


5. Ready-made salad dressings: In theory, salad is good, right? Definitely! Yet its dressing might add many calories that you don’t really need. Ready-made salad dressings have so much more calories than the homemade ones.


6. Gluten-free snacks: The gluten-free trend is getting really popular nowadays, yet food that’s gluten-free is not necessarily good for your body. Yes, gluten-free cookies or candy can sound healthier and might save you from consuming fats, but they can add grams of processed and manufactured sugar that is both harmful and fattening.


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