DIY: How to Turn Pallets into a Coffee Table



Sometimes the coolest pieces of furniture you find are the most random, least costing ones. So instead of spending a fortune on a coffee table for your living room or garden, make your own using pallets!

Here is one simple way to make a super cool table in a few simple steps that we just loved:


1. Sanding

sanding palet


Use sand paper to make the surface of the wood smoother to avoid any slight injury and also to make the surface smoother for painting.



2. Apply the primer




What is a primer? It’s a coat that is applied to any surface before it is painted to ensure better adhesion of paint to the surface. This primer can be bought in a liquid form or spray according to the quantity needed. In this case, the liquid primer would be more practical, unless you want to buy at least 10 bottles of spray.


Don’t forget to put a garbage bag or unneeded cloth beneath the pallets before you start applying the primer. You don’t want to make a mess!



3. Paint the Pallets



Now comes the fun part: Choose the colours you want to use for your pallets and buy them in liquid or spray form and start painting!



4. Add plastic feet

plastic feet


Add plastic feet to the bottom pallet for floor protection and easier mobility.



5. Insert silicon bases on top pallet



Drill small holes across the pallet’s surface to be able to adjust the glass surface on top.



6. Add glass surface and voila!



You’ve got yourselves a super cool table that you can brag about to anyone who sets foot inside.



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