Stupid Questions Every Egyptian Gets

If there was an award going round for the stupidest questions people receive, Egyptians would probably be the winners! Whether it’s from foreigners or fellow Egyptians, here are a series of questions that we just can’t believe people ask.

1. When you’re travelling abroad and a foreigner finds out you’re Egyptian.


Stupid Question: Do you go to work on Camels?

Answer: Yeah, we have a camel each and go to work once a month so we can get there on time.


2. If you’re a girl and you meet a new acquaintance, this is the kind of small talk to expect.


Stupid Question: Have you graduated?

If yes, Are you married?

If yes, Do you have kids? (and the list just keeps on going!)

Answer: Would you like to hear my life story?



3. When you’re lost and you stop someone for directions.


Stupid Question: “Howa alak feen?” (Where did they tell you the place was?)

Answer: Well, if I knew I wouldn’t be asking you now, would I?


4. Another foreign encounter when you’re travelling abroad.

walk like an egyptian

Stupid Question: Do you live in pyramids?

Answer: Yeah, my great grandfather was Tutankhamen.



5. When you’re fast asleep and someone wakes you up.


Stupid Question: “Enta nayem?” (Are you asleep?)

Answer: No, I was just practicing my acting skills and playing dead.


6. When you’re in a relationship and your girlfriend wants to take the next step.


Stupid Question: “hateegy t2abel baba emta?” (When are you going to meet my dad?)

Answer: When I’m a millionaire and can afford to get married in the first place.


7. When you’re at home and the landline rings.


Stupid Question: Are you at home?

Answer: No, I’ve invented a portable landline to take with me wherever I go!


8. When you bump into your friends at the movies.


Stupid Question: “Enta bete3mel eh hena? ” (What are you doing here?)

Answer: I sell tickets for fun, didn’t you know that?


9. At a family gathering: When some distant aunt meets you after years…


Stupid Question: “Enta ezay kebert keda?” (How have you grown so big?)
Answer: I take super pills to activate my super growing powers.



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