11 Things Foreigners Will Never Get About the Middle East


1. “Inshallah”



2. That a “3 pm meeting” actually means waiting from 3 til 6 for the person to show up.

Eventually, you just gotta learn to enjoy. (Via)


3. All the touchiness, greeting with kisses – how many times is it, anyways? Two or three? – and why no one ever respects personal space – it really just doesn’t exist.



4. How everything is a conspiracy theory and everyone is a spy, including the bawab, animals and every expat in the region.

Abla Fahita, Master Spy Puppet
Abla Fahita, Master Spy Puppet


5. Traffic jams and the lack of road rules and regulations.

(Peter Wissa)
Taxi drivers themselves are a mystery to foreigners (Peter Wissa)


6. The art of stacking an insane amount of things on trucks.

Just how? (Reuters)


7. Walking on the road. What sidewalk?

Crossing the street is like playing a real-life game of Frogger
Crossing the street is like playing a real-life game of Frogger.


8. Men holding hands, wearing skinny jeans and being overly touchy, but hey, NO HOMO.

No homo
No homo (YouTube)


9. How everyone thinks it’s okay to discuss your weight to your face.



10. The shattafa (squirt things) in the bathroom by the toilet. Seriously. With the high pressure and the anticipation… It’s like holding a gun to your butthole.



11. That staring is “okay”.



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