7 Absurd Things that Will Happen in Egypt after Government Resignation

Egypt is abuzz with today’s announcement that the country’s interim government has resigned. But the shocking news leaves many questions unanswered. We’re no political analysts, but we’ve come up with a handy guide for what’s to come next:


Adly Mansour turns out to be Sama El Masry‘s baby daddy.

sama el masry


Guys, it’s not the Israelis. Aliens and mermaids from the Red Sea team up to take over Sinai – except the spy animals are already there and a war between the two camps erupts.



Sandmonkey uses anonymous minions from the deep web plus the kids who run the Internet Revolution Egypt Facebook page to electronically elect himself as Egypt’s new president, appoints Justin Beiber as the new Prime Minister and announces free Internet for all.

sandmonkey and bieber


Godzilla clears traffic on the mehwar on his way to find Mubarak and Morsy.

godzilla on mehwar


The Transformers come to claim the pyramids.



The street dogs and cats revolt against the Egyptian people, take Tahrir Square, demand creative DIY pet beds. The Aswan dam breaks, all the Nile crocodiles are released and they join the street animals marching to Tahrir.

cats in tahrir


Tourism miraculously bounces back because Ansar Bait al-Maqdis gets wiped out in the battle over Sinai and people flock to Egypt to meet the mermaids and aliens in person.

Image:  Tourists with cameras gather


WE SAID THIS: As shocking as today’s news is, the beauty of Egyptians is our ability to find humor in even the most absurd situations. Check out “5 Reasons Why I Love Egypt“.

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