‘Mermaid’ Found in Egypt


Ah, yes, “The Wonders of the Red Sea…”

I don’t know if this thing is really a mermaid or not, but if it is, then it’s effing cool.

We all love mermaids, no? This one is a little creepy, though. Three meters long, this rare fish as reported by Al-Wafd was highly conscious, but died on the beach before the ambulance arrived.

According to Al-Wafd, this “mermaid” was found yesterday in a protected area on one of Safaga’s hotel beaches on the Red Sea. Samples were taken from this supposedly fully-matured female mermaid, as explained by her rescue team, in order to find out the reason behind its death.

Maybe because it got out of the water? Seems logical to me.

The “mermaid” will be taken and put in one of our underwater museums so everyone can see for themselves that this is not a prank. We can’t wait to visit it (her?) in person.

WE SAID THIS: Dat shit cray!