New Blooming Exchange Program Encourages Non-Egyptians to Intern in Egypt

Via Egypt Student Internship Program - ESIP

By Febronia Hanna

Egypt Student Internship Program ESIP is a unique educational, cultural exchange and internship program. It is organized by International Business & Investment Services – IBIS. It aims at encouraging non-Egyptians to come to explore Egypt and intern in whatever field they might like.

Via Egypt Student Internship Program – ESIP

In collaboration with a number of prominent partners in the US and in many European countries, this Egyptian exchange program was able to attract students from around the world to intern and know more about the Egyptian culture. It also aims at showing them that Egypt has institutions that are prominent in various fields.

Via Egypt Student Internship Program – ESIP

In their first internship program ‘Intro to Medicine’, interns were able to sit down and talk with Dr. Nadia Eskander Zackary, Former Minister of Scientific Research and Nabila Makram, Minister of Emigration & Egyptian Expatriate Affairs. They also had an opportunity to take a tour at 57357 and discover their services and plans to end childhood cancer.

Via Egypt Student Internship Program – ESIP

Pharco pharmaceuticals sponsored the internship for 2 days in Alexandria, gave them a tour of the factory, covered the interns’ tuitions and showed them how the products are made.

They also had the opportunity to visit Alexandria’s beaches, got onto the Cairo Tower, went to the Pharaonic village and took a tour around the pyramid. They made videos to describe their experience in Egypt and said they loved it.

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