Green Getaways: Explore Cairo’s Best Farming Retreats

Let’s be honest: when summer hits, most of us hit up the beach, but if you want something different that is also close to home, why not spend the day on a farm?

Known as a country that boasts a major farm life, Egypt is home to hectares upon hectares of farmland. We picked out our favorite farms that you can hit up this summer for a unique stay.

Makar Farm

Known as the traditional and hydroponic farm in Cairo that offers fresh and unusual vegetables & salads, Makar Farm is all about bringing your friends or family together and enjoying a delicious lunch.

Every month, they hold farm lunches that give you a chance to be in the great outdoors, go on tours of their fields and greenhouses, and taste their delicious crops. Then you can enjoy their delicious mouth-watering 4-course meal prepared by a special guest chef.

Wiiwii’s Farm

Leaving corporate life behind, a man decided to open a farm at Alexandria Desert Road. It is a place where you can completely disconnect from the city. Olives are grown, and birds and animals dwell. Anyone can come and visit, take a tour of the farm, and indulge in a traditional breakfast or BBQ lunch.

At different times during the month, the farm launches unique activities, including an olive harvest. You’d come, get a tour of the farm, harvest olives, feed animals, enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch, and then try out some pottery making. If all these activities float your boat, this is the farm for you.

Tulima Farms and Agri

Known as a family-run business, Tulima Farms and Agri is Egypt’s first climate-positive hydrophobic farm. They grow their produce in completely sealed, climate-controlled greenhouses and are able to grow their produce regardless of seasonability.

You can visit the farm, buy any of their fresh produce, and experience vegetables that have been grown in their expertly built greenhouses.

Shagie Farms

Coming to life in 1985, Shagie Farms introduced something completely different to Egypt: mango tourism. At this farm, visitors can pick mangoes themselves. Every year, it is the prime spot where the famous mango festival is held.

Along with the mango picking, when you come to visit Shagie Farms, you can also get to make your own feteer and enjoy a massive tray of their delectable breakfast, where all its dishes are handpicked from the farm.

Each of these farms offers something different; whether it is a farm lunch amidst the greenery of endless fields or getting to harvest and eat delicious olives, these local spots offer a very grounding experience that will bring you and your loved ones closer to nature and sustainability.

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