Discover the Best Curly Hair Salons Across the Region

Bored of constantly straightening your hair or waking up to a messy and bushy hair fiasco? That is the daily struggle of most curly heads. If you crave a way to embrace your natural curls, across the region are hair salons specialized in enhancing curly hair. Here are our top picks across the region:

UAE’s Twist Curly Hair Salon

Considered a newbie among hair salons in Dubai, the recently opened Twist Curly Hair Salon at B1 Mall in Al Barsha specializes in innovative methods and the latest technology to bring back life to your curls. Their expert team relies on the curly method to give you glistening, healthy curls.

To book an appointment, you can give them call: (0)52 413 4264.

Egypt’s The Curly Studio

Known as the first specialized curl salon in Egypt, The Curly Studio opened its doors in 2018 and was the brainchild of Sara Safwat, the founder, and Rola Amer, the co-founder. The best part about the studio is that it is chemical—and heat-free. They also offer full recovery plans to revive curly hair through their unique products, styling, and cutting techniques.

If you are ready to revive your curly hair, you can give them a call at: 011 00848484

Morocco’s Curly Bunny

As with Cairo’s Curly Studio, Morocco also has its very own first-ever hair salon for curly hair. Known as Curly Bunny, this salon uses Curly Bunny hair products for different hair types with different porosities and curl textures. They do it all, from styling to haircuts to treatment.

You can learn more about them by checking out their Instagram page.

Lebanon’s Tony Chamoun Salon

Tony Chamoun’s hair salon at Beirut’s Mar Mikhael Achrafieh brings that same curly hair fervor. The salon caters to different hair types, including wavy, curly, and coily. They are famous for their dry cut and their special curl-by-curl method. At the salon, you can get your hair done for formal and informal events—they do it all.

To book an appointment, call them at 70 00 77 11 or through this link.

Saudi Arabia’s Curls Cave

One of the most notable hair salons that specializes in curly hair is Curls Cave. Beyond their creative name, they know how to ensure your hair looks bouncy and healthy. Their main hair stylist, Fay, is a Rëzo Cut certified stylist with professional experience. You can see her work by checking out her TikTok, where she shares her client’s transformations.

To book an appointment, head to this link

With so many curl salons across the region, there is a new movement for natural hair. Walking along the streets of those cities, you will see more and more curly heads flaunting their coiled locks. We can’t wait to see more stores opening up.

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