Meet the Phone That Is Elevating the Selfie Game

In this day and age, selfies are no longer just a way of taking pictures, they have become a way of making memories, a mode of self – expression and a means of communication.


We here at Scoop Empire, firmly believe in the power of selfies, which is why we were over the moon when we received tickets to the launch of OPPO’s F3 Selfie Expert, hosted by one of Downtown Cairo’s most prestigious hotels: The Nile Ritz-Carlton.



First thing is first: the event was hosted by the incredibly charismatic and hilarious Khalid Mansour, who introduced OPPO’s new concepts, and made us roll on the floor with laughter while doing it. Andy Shi, OPPO Africa’s and Middle East’s Managing Director, was invited on stage, in order to introduce us to all the innovative techs, specs, and features that are exclusively present in the F3.


The new OPPO F3 is every selfie fan’s dream; it offers a dual selfie camera – one that’s 16 MP and another that’s 8 MP. The TWO front cameras present in the F3 mean that the ‘groupfies’ or group selfie game has forever been changed, and uniquely elevated, by this phone.




The mobile’s 16 MP camera has a 1/3 inch sensor and F2.0 aperture, which will ensure the production of high quality images, even in low-light conditions. The wide angle front camera will ensure that you can capture almost twice as much as space, compared to those of the standard 80° cameras.


The OPPO F3, also known as the “Group Selfie Expert”, runs on a 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, boasting a classy design with a sleek metal body, and flash touch access.



The camera uses a tailor-made 6P lens module, which adjusts the path of light to minimize image distortion and maximize clarity and also has a smart facial recognition feature which automatically switches to the double view group selfie camera when it detects more than three faces in the frame, creating the “Groupfie”.


Our eyes started to glitter with sheer joy, at the thought of the amount of beautiful selfies we could take with the normal front camera, and the groupfies we could take with the wider camera, especially given the presence of the ‘Beautify 4.0’ camera plugin. This plugin will ensure that you will get smooth and clear selfies. Did we mention the pre – filter? Yes, you can choose filters before you take your selfies and groupfies.


Our selfies and groupfies will be clear, concise, and saturated with the brightest of colors. Guess we will bid a heartfelt farewell to the Instagram and Snapchat filters that we – not so secretly – use to beautify and perfect our images. Moreover, we will no longer be cluttered in the group picture, and all our surroundings will be more than just present! #Goals?


Building on the many innovations of the F3, the Palm shutter feature, a feature that lets the camera automatically take pictures when you wave your hand in front of it, will ensure that the phone is stable, while you take your pictures.



As per the rear camera, the 13 MP camera boasts a 1/3 inch sensor. This will also provide high quality images, in low light settings. The camera also has the Ultra-HD mode, which shoots several consecutive images, and then combines the best parts of each image to create a single flawless one.



The phone’s design, is lighter and thinner than any other OPPO phone; it’s 27% lighter than the F1 series phones, with a 5.5 inch body.


Commenting on this new mega launch Mr. Andy Shi, Managing Director of OPPO Africa and the Middle said, “We know local consumers are going to be delighted with this device, from its stunning powerful cameras to its design and secure Touch Access, it’s the complete package. The F3 has proven to be an incredible success across the globe, and we’re excited to launch it locally, further building our brand across the region.”



The beautiful Tara Emad also gave a speech, telling us how much she believes in the power of the photographic image, and the extent to which she understands photography to be the sincerest form of self – expression there is.


We were then invited to the Experience Zone where we could actually make our perfect selfie dreams come true; and, man, were we mind blown by the crisp quality of the cameras’ on those F3 OPPO phones! Indeed, not only were the front cameras impressive, the rear camera was also quite extraordinary: a 16MP rear camera, which means that those professionally vivid pictures you’ve always dreamed of, are here!



All those features made us believe that this phone is most likely going to be crazy expensive, but we were extremely relieved  – and quite frankly kind of awestruck – by OPPO F3’s price. You can get this phone for LESS THAN 6,000 LE.



WE SAID THIS: The F3 is called the Selfie Expert, and it’s surely going to make you one too!