Mazen Yassen, AKA Just a GoProer, and Coucla Refaat Join Forces and the Results are Amazing!

Via Just a GoProer

The past World Youth Forum (WYF2018), that took place in Sharm El Sheikh earlier, turned into a hub of creative collaborations and cultural exchange. Imagine having around 5,000 aspiring young men and women from all over the world gathered together under one roof? The results must be promising!

Via Just a GoProer

Content Creator, Mazen Yassen, known as Just A GoProer, and Travel Photographer, Coucla Refaat, were both invited to the WYF2018. As a result, an inspiring creative collab came to life. They joined forces, formed a super duo, and sent a brilliant message from the world to the world!

Via Just a GoProer

Being in the same place with youth from around 163 countries made their task much easier. Guests were encouraged to say Yassen’s iconic “Good morning, beautiful people” in their own languages. Then, thanks to Coucla’s strong belief that dance is a universal language we all share, they all came together to boogie in style. Last but not least, each and everyone had to pour their heart out, speaking their minds conveying an even bigger message to the rest of the world. The creative pair put the footage together, and BAM, a vibrant out of the box video was born sending the message, #WeRallinThisTogether!


A message from the world, to you…

Posted by Just A GoProer on Saturday, November 24, 2018

The video sparked feelings of unity and solidarity, however, it shouldn’t stop there. It’s an attempt to show people that life is not limited to what you see in Instagram posts and Facebook statuses. There’s blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes. Many of us put effort, time, and perseverance in what they’re doing, and even though it’s not always obvious, we all go through the same thing every day. Telling others and showing them that they’re not in this alone, is surely a simple, yet purely, a wonderful act of humanity.

Via Just a GoProer

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