Bringing Fashion, Comedy & Life To The Forefront: The Ultimate Roundup Of Talented Arab Hijabi Influencers

Whether its on TikTok or Instagram, influencers are on the rise and the content is just getting more and more creative; whoever you may be…there’s an influencer out there for you. Among the many internet personalities out there are the multi-talented Arab hijabi influencers who have been making it big in everything from fashion & makeup to sports & comedy. Each creator would share their latest beauty tip or take us on a journey through their daily life and we would religiously follow their content. Maybe we like their sense of style or their sense of humor or maybe we aspire to take on an aspect of their lifestyle.

If you are on the look out for some dynamic and talented women to follow on social media who will add value and inspiration to your feed, we’ve got you covered with a specially curated collection of some of the top Arab hijabi influencers out there.

Bassant Ali Dinar

Loud, sassy and hilarious are some of the ways to describe Egyptian comedic content creator Bassant Ali Dinar. She lives and breathes comedic content, churning it out on the daily but before diving into the world of content creation, she had quite the tumultuous journey, full of ups and downs. Starting off, she worked as a dentist then pursued a 5-year career in fencing which she had to end due to a severe back injury. Then came her first dip into the world of social media in 2020 which ended abruptly when her father passed away. With 2021 came a new spark and drive towards once again joining the social media sphere and that was when she truly shot to fame.

She truly has a knack for comedy with many of her TikTok videos consisting of her hilariously ranting about relatable day to day struggles including exhausting relationships. She would also post hilarious mishaps and adventures with her dog. Her hilarity even attracted the attention of other comedians like TikTok sensation Mohammed Tarek and Amina Hussein where the three ended up becoming a hilarious trio appearing in each other’s channels and even travelling the world together.

Dalal Aldoub

Slaying the fashion and beauty sphere, Kuwaiti influencer Dalal Aldoub knows how to stay ahead of the game. Her 3.1 million Instagram followers constantly await her latest post whether its a tutorial to take a make-up look from day to night or her elegantly donning the latest trend in fashion.

Beyond Instagram, she has also ventured into the world of YouTube and TikTok as she continues to make a mark as an internet personality. No matter what platform, she is the kind of influencer who truly dipped her toes into the industry working with some of the biggest beauty players like Sephora and Bobbi Brown. What makes her stand out is how she always likes to experiment and think outside the box when it comes to what is possible with makeup and fashion whether its trying out a winged neon blue eye look or strutting it out in a unique outfit.

Today, her Instagram channel is still going strong and was able to evolve into becoming a mirror and gateway to her day to day life including her latest adventures like her latest trip to Iceland or escapade through the winding streets of Rome.

Sara Sabry

Beyond fashion and beauty, many people like to follow influencers who chronicle their entire life on social media and one such content creator is the Egyptian Sara Sabry who has been creating quite the buzz across TikTok. Prior to dominating TikTok, back when she used to live in Montreal, she had quite the humble start of beginning her social media journey by sharing Snapchat stories of her daily life and her university days to her friends and the Snapchat community at large and from there, she transitioned to using Instagram.

Via Instagram

Throughout that time, she began to build quite the following with her most avid fans being the ones with her from the very start of her journey, all those years ago, joining along as she got married and the many other major milestones that followed. Her content is quite relatable as she ventures into simple, everyday life struggles like her adorable aversion to people who send voice notes over text messages or the typical sibling struggle of having her brother secretly eat a dessert she was planning on treating herself with.

Beyond that she gives viewers an inside look into her personal life including her wedding as well as a look back at her past life including her university years and time at Montreal. She’s playful and knows how to generate content that keeps people feeling a sense of familiarity.

Sara Karrit

Imagine this combo: motherhood, social media stardom and dancing all bundled up together. That is the epitome of Lebanese Afrobeats choreographer and internet personality Sara Karrit who was able to amass a social media community of more than one million followers. It all started back in March 2020 when Karrit dropped a video of herself dancing it out with her husband and her son who was six at the time. They were jamming it out to an Afrobeats tune by NJ Neptune and following from there, less than 24 hours from when the video got released, it took the internet by storm and became an instant viral hit totaling at 2 million views.

Today, the dancer continues to kill it on social media as fans get to watch her dance it out with big names including the likes of Jason Derulo. Her passion for dance extends beyond social media as she was able to leverage her talent by teaching young learners the basics of Afrobeats and hip hop dance styles. Along with her dance career, Karrit has a loving family life that she shares with her viewers through daily Instagram doses of hilarious scripted content showcasing the day to day shenanigans she gets into with her husband and son.

Heifa Odeh

For all the foodies out there, Palestinian content creator Heifa Odeh has been making a name for herself as a culinary connoisseur, whipping up delectable dishes in the kitchen and creating her very own cooking personality dubbed Fufu’s Kitchen. Way back when she was a teenager, Odeh’s dad gave her the nickname “Fufu” and ever since then it stuck and became the face of her brand. As a first generation Palestinian American, she had a childhood that combined two worlds, one of Middle Eastern heritage and the other of American culture, both of which played a major role in her culinary personality.

She began her journey by making a blog to showcase her recipes where her husband was the tech master behind the blog itself while she was the content creator who would snap all the pictures and develop the recipes. Taking it a step further, she brought her culinary talent over to the world of social media, opening up her first Instagram account dubbed @fufuinthekitchen where she showcases a rich plethora of recipes that blend Arab and US cultures together for a fresh take on conventional culinary dishes. In her feed, you will see funky creations like her Za’atar stuffed French toast recipe as well as her own rendition of a typical macarona béchamel which she transformed into a béchamel fusilli pasta bake dish.

To many of her viewers, she also brings in a heartwarming aspect to her feed through videos depicting moments she’d share with her Palestinian family whether spending a morning with them making Taboon style bread (Palestinian flatbread) over stones or a roundup of all the Middle Eastern treats Odeh’s mum whipped up for her book signing including classics like Makrouta biscuits (date cookies with sesame topping).

Whether its Odeh’s food, Dinar’s sharp comedy or Aldoub’s fashion sense, each knows how to create content that not only attracts viewers but also adds value to their lives. As hijabi influencers, they are also breaking the mold and changing the narrative towards what can be possible in the world of social media and content creation.

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