Depth of Field; All About Photographers In 2nd Edition of Cairo’s 2021 Photo Week

Cairo Photo Week grabs the entire visual and photography related team, and joins them together for a week of nothing but pure raw art. In it include photographers from all fields and genres, visual storytellers, researchers, photo editors, re-touchers, videographers, filmmakers, art directors, fashion directors, food stylists, fashion stylists, CGI artists, fashion designers, make-up artists, models, fashion and food photographers. The event, massive in its entirety, takes place for 10 consecutive days in Downtown Cairo, a place full of history and photography, and undoubtedly the most suitable for this occasion. Throughout the 10 days, all attendees will be able expand their creative horizons, and broaden their minds with unlimited forms of inspirational works as well as creativity. Awe inspiring as it is, it attracts all kinds of people to simply pay a visit and take a quick glance, or perhaps to ponder for hours at the self-expression of others visually. While you’re there, make sure to drop down by the exhibitions, attend the panel discussions, workshops, and the masterclasses. What are you waiting for? We’ll see you there!

This year’s educational direction will mainly focus on expanding the photographic eye and mind across the many fields of photography, encouraging photographers and image-makers alike in widening their artistic, technical & business perspectives; hence the theme ‘Depth of Field.’ This all comes in light of the current global and regional changes and circumstances that have enforced fusions between many photography genres due to either economic reasons, or passionate ones. However, this isn’t about showcasing any type of images and then class dismissed. It’s also about educational learning, discussing ideas/topics, and the list goes on. It needs a specific skill set as well as talent, simultaneously throughout the process. Cairo Photo Week has decided to focus on such issues, and represent them to its audience. Each and every speaker will be able to give, as well as leave with something. Granted, you will undeniably feel galvanized for each day you visit!

Here’s how you can book! And, to sway you even more, we’ve got you covered below with some of the top 10 photographers you seriously need to check out at the 2nd edition of Cairo’s Photo Week!


Shamayim is a professional photographer with a concentration in fashion, editorial, advertising, and beauty. His work has become synonymous with exotic locations, and dramatic story telling concepts. His work can be seen gracing magazines and advertising campaigns in the United States, South Africa, Egypt, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Caribbean, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

Karim El Hayawan

Cairo based visual artist and interior architect El Hayawan, developed his photography and his own talent after founding ‘Design Point Studio’ in Cairo. At least check out his Instagram page, and see if you fall in love with it as we did!

Tasneem AlSultan

Tasneem, one of the leading wedding and documentary photographers out there, will also be taking part in a panel discussion moderated by Peter DiCampo, about digital evolution: storytelling with the everyday projects. In addition, Tasneem also serves as an ambassador for Canon.

Peter DiCampo

Peter DiCampo is a documentary photographer whose goal is in sharing and contributing his work in order to open up a channel for dialogue, regarding international development and perceptions of Africa. Peter DiCampo is the Co-founder of everydayafrica,everydayeverywhere (the everyday project), and Co-author of photo rights. Hands down, Peter DiCampo is a walking school of knowledge, wouldn’t you say?

Batool Al Daawi

Founder of Blow Creative Studio, Batool has immersed herself in her passion for photography and directing since 2011. Her consistent depiction of fashion, art, and portrait photography has cemented her name forever in the regional industry.

Sima Ajlyakin

This Syrian photographer specializing in fashion and photojournalism was granted a Magnum Foundation award for her work! Sima’s work is not something merely to take a glance at, an extended state of trance soon sinks in.

Amina Zaher

Amina Zaher is a fashion and commercial photographer, check out her stunning work!

Salma El-Kashef

Salma is a young creative filmmaker and photographer, and is currently the ambassador for SonyMEA. She’s one of those photographers that transforms a photo into reality for us, and its up to you to locate the fine line between it! Drop by Cairo Photo Week to take part in her workshop, and attend her talk there too. Don’t miss out!

Nelly ElSharkawy

Nelly El Sharkawy is an architect and ballerina who has been involved with photography for over a decade now. She began shooting conceptual self-portraits in 2012, in which time time she fell in love with ‘Black and White’ photography. This ballerina is fond of shooting street and architectural photography, and serves as the Managing Partner and Creative Director for Cairopolitan.

Sherif Tamim

In a nutshell, when food and lifestyle meet, you have Sherif Tamim. Also the Co-founder of flavor republic for creative culinary productions, Sherif’s work will stimulate more senses than you thought existed!

A never ending list with never ending talents, drop down to Cairo Photo Week and witness all these amazing talents for yourself!

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