Le Coin Couture; Lebanon’s Latest Work Space for Fashion Designers and Creatives

Like many industries in Lebanon, the fashion industry was completely devastated following the tragic explosion that took place in Beirut. Established in Beirut itself, Le Coin Couture is a working space for fashion designers and creatives who are still starting their careers and can’t afford to buy their own ateliers, or were strongly affected by the destructive explosion.

This ready-to-use atelier has a sewing room, a pattern making room, a fitting room, and a break room. Whether you’re a fashion student, a designer, a stylist, a tailer, or even a fashion photographer, Le Coin Couture is a fully equipped space that you can rent daily, weekly, monthly, or any customizable period of your choosing.

Although it was founded nearly one year ago, recently, they decided they can offer this space as “a temporary home” for designers who are struggling. With its strategic location in Antelias just a minute away from the highway, you can even visit and check the space before you book your date and spot.

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