Adorable Moments Between Our Fav Celeb Couples at CIFF 2020

via Nora Youssef

Pictures of celeb couples always rank the highest in every festival, hits like these always capture our hearts! They just happen to get the most publicity every single time. Fans love to see their favorite celebs as happy couples, especially when they look genuine and romantic. Scroll down for the cutest moments between some of the most charming celeb couples at this year’s Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF).

Sherif Salama & Dalia Mostafa

Both Egyptian actors Sherif Salama and Dalia Mostafa don’t appear together much, but when they do, they give us a cuteness overload. Dalia posted this picture on her official Instagram account and congratulated Salama for his latest horror movie “Ammar”.

Ahmed Al Fishawy & Nada Kamel

via Eg24

Every festival, Fishawy and his wife pose together on the red carpet. And every year, they look more in love than the year before. This year, Fishawy posted a number of pictures of them together, acting out so many poses, and looking madly in love.

Ahmed Helmy & Mona Zaki

The number of cute moments that were captured on camera between Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki are countless. On the first day of the 42nd CIFF, Egypt’s sweetheart Mona Zaki received Faten Hamama Excellence Award, and throughout the opening ceremony and even after, her husband Ahmed Helmy was over the moon. Helmy and Mona are absolute couple goals.

Sherif Ramzy & Reham Ayman

Sherif Ramzy and Reham Ayman are adorable on their own, but even more adorable as a couple. This CIFF, they were seen taking so many different poses on the red carpet, all while staying hand in hand and keep us in awe.

Ahmed Khaled Salleh & Hanady Mehanna

This newly-wed couple broke their honeymoon vacation to attend the screening of “Ansaf Maganeen” where Ahmed is co-starring. During their debut on the red carpet, Ahmed twirled Hanady in a lovey-dovey scene that gave us the ultimate couple fever.

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