#AScoopOfHope: L’Atelier Nawbar Turns Shattered Glass Into Symbols of Lebanese Resilience

Via The National

The world stands by Lebanon as it goes through one of the most devastating disasters in modern history. It has been more than two weeks since the Beirut explosion killed hundreds, wounded thousands, and ripped through the city leaving hundreds of thousands without a home. Fine jewelry brand L’Atelier Nawbar is making a very powerful statement amid the rebuilding of Beirut.

The brand is using the shattered glass that resulted from the explosion to create charms featuring the red stripes and green cedar tree seen on the Lebanese flag. The pieces aim not only to pay tribute to the country but also to act as a symbol of the resilient nature of the Lebanese people, with profits going towards emergency relief.

Headed by fourth-generation designer sisters Dima and Tania Nawbar, the brand was founded in 1891 in Beirut and is known for creating statement designs that are rooted in tradition.

“We will rebuild our Lebanon, quietly efficiently and swiftly, like little ants rebuilding one business at a time,” the brand wrote in the post.

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