Khaled El Nabawy’s Mamalek El Nar Might Just Cure Our Game of Thrones Withdrawal Symptoms

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This is probably the best time in history to be alive if you’re a hardcore binge-watcher. All the media production tycoons are producing much-anticipated series with insane budgets. Netflix is producing The Witcher, HBO is producing Watchmen, and Prime Video is producing The Lord of the Rings. However, people in the Arab world are about to get a special treat of their own by Genomedia, with a gigantic budget as well.

The trailer of Khaled El Nabawy’s upcoming anticipated show, Mamalek El Nar was recently released, and everyone is amazed by how promising it looks. The series, which is aired on MBC, premiered on the 17th of this month and is going to be streamed on Netflix as well. The series was shot entirely in Tunisia, and is considered to have the biggest budget for a historical series in the entire region, with 100 million Tunisian dinars (USD40 million) at their disposal.

The series portrays and documents the last period of the Mamluk rule and its defeat by the Ottomans in the early 16th century, highlighting a period of Arab history rich in events, and revealing many facts about this era.

The show is directed by Peter Webber, who directed works like Hannibal Rising and Emperor, and is written by Mohamed Soliman Abd El Malek. Judging from the trailer and production, you can anticipate something big and definitely worth watching.

Khaled El Nabawy just posted on his Twitter account the timings when the series will air.

WE SAID THIS: The wait is finally over!!