Saudi Star Yasin Ghazzawi Shines in ‘The Office’ Remake & ‘king of The Ring’

Yasin Ghazzawi is the leading actor in “King of the Ring,” currently being screened in cinemas across the Gulf, a cast member of MBC’s Arabic-language remake of “The Office,” and has another major global streaming show on the horizon. He credits his success to the government, acting instructors, and workshops, stating that they provided him with the opportunities he needed to make it happen. “I’ve learned that to succeed, you have to seize the opportunity. But if you’re not prepared for it, you won’t be able to keep it for long…the world is about to witness a surge of great Saudi talent.”

After years of waiting and feeling uncertain about his path, Ghazzawi, a Saudi actor, finally found his way to success. He spent nearly a decade knowing he had a talent and the capacity for more, but didn’t have a clear direction to follow. However, in 2018, the Saudi Ministry of Culture launched free workshops to develop the country’s budding creative community, and Ghazzawi started attending each session, even skipping work to do so.

For Ghazzawi, this is a personal victory as well. “Throughout my life, I’ve always been an underdog,” he says. “Big guys usually get counted out, but I’m here to count them back in. I truly believe that manifestation played a role in getting me here as well.”

While it’s unclear if ”King of the Ring’ will have another season, Ghazzawi’s days of waiting for his big break are over. He has a global streaming series set to debut in 2024, along with various projects in development that he’s collaborating on with his friends and colleagues, using the skills he learned in the free ministry workshops to build on his success.

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