Elyanna’s “Mama Eh” Showcases a Blend of Latin & Middle Eastern Sounds

Elyanna, Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter has always been influenced by the culture and sounds of the Arab world throughout her musical journey. She just dropped her latest single “Mama Eh”, a dynamic Arabic pop jam that showcases her signature style of blending Latin American and Middle Eastern musical influences. Only 21 years old, she is widely recognized for her unique voice and holds the distinction of being the first Palestinian to perform a full set in Arabic at Coachella. 

“Mama Eh” portrays Elyanna’s artistic vision and unique style, highlighting her ability to merge different cultural influences seamlessly. As an artist, Elyanna has always been committed to exploring new themes and genres, and her latest release is no exception. The music video promises to be a powerful and thought-provoking visual representation of Elyanna’s message and artistic vision.

Elyanna has been vocal about the underlying message of her newest single. In a statement, she explains “In “Mama Eh,” my latest release with Universal Arabic Music, I aimed to highlight the challenges faced by artists, particularly small independent fashion designers, in a fast-paced industry that prioritizes materialism at the expense of creativity. The song’s underlying message emphasizes that true artists focus on investing in their craft rather than pursuing profits.”

Her message is a powerful reminder that art should be created for the sake of self-expression and not just for commercial gain. Love has been a recurring theme throughout Elyanna’s music career, often linked to self-expression. She states “Another message conveyed by the song is for women to embrace their individuality, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Do you have curls? Do you have curves? Just flaunt them,” With her latest release, Elyanna continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and explore new themes. Her commitment to creating music that is both powerful and thought-provoking has earned her a dedicated following, and her music videos never fail to impress.

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