Recharge & Renew: Join The Rooted Retreat For A Week of Wellness in Dahab

Nada Howaidy and Holly Jo, join forces to present an all-female wellness retreat in November. Howaidy’s passion for culinary excellence and love for the beach led her to settle in Dahab. Her creative flair has earned her a reputation for designing visually-stunning and mouthwatering dishes, featured in some of the city’s most esteemed venues. Jo is a certified nutritional therapist and health coach who helps individuals achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Jo’s journey began after experiencing health issues that went unresolved through modern medicine. Her fascination with nutrition and wellness motivated her to help others with a broad range of health conditions. Jo specializes in autoimmunity, gut problems, female health, and more. She came to Dahab aspiring to create retreats that empower women to prioritize their wellness and transform their lifestyles.

Howaidy believes “Wellness is key in preventing and managing chronic diseases, and reducing stress and depression. By practicing good habits, we can improve relationships with ourselves and others, and encourage personal and spiritual growth.”

Rooted Retreats is designed for women on their healing journey, seeking space to reconnect and make positive changes to their health and well-being. With modern culture leaving us limited time to rest and recharge, taking a momentary pause from the daily grind is crucial. Howaidy and team have curated an exquisite and nourishing organic whole-food menu, designed to enhance gut health, balance hormones, and promote detoxification. Their holistic approach incorporates vibrant colors of the chakras, emphasizing how food affects our vibrational frequency.

Dahab was the natural choice for the retreat due to its magical charm. It’s the ideal location to embrace transformation. Howaidy describes this retreat as a life-changing experience that will nourish you, and provide you with tools to overcome adversity and foster a joyful healthy life.

Early bird offers are available if you book early. To win a wellness awakening hour, follow Flourishment Wellness, like and comment “Awaken my wellness” and share the retreat video on your newsfeed. Winners will be announced end of July.

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