Singer Elyanna To Become The First Palestinian To Perform At Coachella Music Festival

For the first time ever, Palestinian-Chilean artist, Elyanna, was on the list of performing artists at the Coachella 2023 Music Festival. Elyanna will become the first Palestinian singer to perform at such a prestigious festival. This music festival, which is held annually in Indio, California, is committed to promoting both well-known and up-and-coming musical performers. It is considered one of the biggest and most well-known music festivals in the globe and the United States.

The Palestinian-Chilean musician said on the popular social media platform, Instagram, that her desire to share her music and Arabic lyrics with the world has finally come true, expressing her absolute joy and pride.

Elyanna has mastered a distinctive fusion of Latin and Middle Eastern sound throughout her career while tackling issues of identity, love, and heartache in her lyrics. Her musical style, which combines traditional Palestinian instrumentation with elements of cumbia, reggaeton, and Latin American pop music, has been greatly influenced by her Palestinian origin.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Elyanna was asked about where she sees her music career in five years’ time? The artist replied that she hopes that she’ll be in a place where she can actually succeed in her mission to leave a mark, not only in the Arabic world but internationally because her music has such a unique sound that she wants to share with the world. Well, her mission is about to come true as she prepares to represent her culture at the most popular music festival in the world.

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