Introducing Vodafone’s Newest Tagline ‘Together We Can’

Together We Can! Sounds motivating and encouraging in such hard times, right? Vodafone is launching its new tagline for the company under the title Together We Can, which reflects how the technological power in harmony with the human spirit stemmed from various ambitions, which enables the achievement of amazing things in different sectors and fields. Vodafone’s global initiative include curing disease, fighting climate change, addressing digital inclusion, and the list goes on. Now think about it, Vodafone’s newest tagline Together We Can fits today’s digital society, especially during such hard pandemic days that all of us are going through! The action of such a new tagline is basically stressing on how technology is an indispensable aspect in our lives for its critical and sustainable role in maintaining the society, businesses and governments, connected through developing myriads of digital solutions tailored to different fields. 

Now, we’re all honestly too attached and connected to technology, that we certainly can’t live without it anymore. Technology has so many pros and advantages for us as humans and certainly to our lives, don’t you think? From the smallest advantages to the biggest ones, such as startups and businesses, and that’s Vodafone’s belief too. Vodafone’s main belief is that the combination of technology and society can certainly build us a better future! Wait a minute, technology wouldn’t actually exist without us, right? Well Together We Can serves as Vodafone’s celebration and acknowledgement of what the human spirit can achieve, in relation with technology in a multi-market update to its brand position. 

All about the new tagline

Together We Can places the emphasis on the we, and how collaboration between the human spirit, innovation and technology can achieve incredible and mind blowing things. The experience of these last 12 months during the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the critical role of connectivity and technology to keeping society, businesses and governments connected. Technology is actually inspiring, right? Well, humans too! Vodafone’s new brand position is inspired by consumer research carried out by the company, which revealed that the role of technology transforming people’s lives, and how technology has evolved from something that simply excites people on a personal level, to playing a more meaningful part in the world on a bigger scale. In particular, in making a difference on issues such as sustainability and societal development. 

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