Tried Searching Despacito’s Music Video On Youtube Recently? Well … Here’s What Happened to It!

Tried searching Despacito’s music video on Youtube recently? Well, if you did, you’ll notice that it’s not there. Apparently, and according to Independent UK, the video has been deleted due to a hack on the biggest video streaming platform there is.

And get this, it has been deleted from the platform just five days after it was announced that the music video has garnered more than 5 billion views on youtube, making it the first video ever to get this much traction.

Via Youtube

The video’s feature image on Youtube shows several masked figures, from the hit TV show La Casa De Papel, aiming a gun at the camera, but when fans try to press on the song to play it, a message that says “video unavailable” pops up!

WE SAID THIS: Several artists, such as Shakira, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Drake have also been affected by the hack. We’re not pointing any fingers, but it’s notable to say that all the videos affected have been posted by Vevo.