Now You Can Rent Hotel Rooms in Dubai And Abu Dhabi By the Hour And Here’s How

ByHours, a Spanish hotel reservation platform, just launched in Dubai and it is a life and budget saver. How many times have you spent a short business trip in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and just wanted to spend mere hours in a hotel? Well, ByHours already has 65 of Dubai’s hotels in its books and 5 from Abu Dhabi.

Via ByHours appp

“Most hotel chains are willing to adapt to the necessities of their guests in terms of needs, tastes and lifestyle, but they were inflexible with regards to the hours where you can check in and check out; especially when your flight is first thing in the morning,” App founder Christian Rodriguez said.

It is available to download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play now.

WE SAID THIS: Download the app here.