Intoxicated Passenger Restrained For Misconduct On Abu Dhabi To India Flight

According to Simple Flying, an Italian woman on an Abu Dhabi-Mumbai Vistara flight had to be restrained after she assaulted a cabin crew member and spat on another. The reason was that she was denied a cabin upgrade mid-flight. According to The National News, the 45-year-old Italian woman had to be tied to her seat due to misconduct. The Times of India reported that the traveller was also accused of removing her clothes and littering the plane.

She reportedly ran into trouble after a crew member objected to her sitting in business class rather than economy. She started aggressively attacking flight attendants when they attempted to calm her down and informed her that she was upsetting other passengers. Finally, she was detained and tied to her seat in the back of the aircraft per the captain’s instructions until the aircraft touched down in Mumbai.

Mumbai police said that the passenger was then arrested for endangering the life of personal safety and other offenses under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and The Aircraft Rules established in 1937. After a medical examination, they determined that the passenger was actually intoxicated throughout the entire flight, causing her misconduct behaviour.

Like a scene from a movie one can’t help but wonder should there be a quota for amount of boos per passenger?

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