Four UAE Cities Make It To Top Ten Safest Cities In The World; Are You Living In Them?

According to Numbeo online indexing, four of UAE’s emirates have been ranked among the world’s top 10 safest cities for 2024.

The first city, Abu Dhabi, scored the highest in the safety index (86.9) and lowest in the crime index (13.1), while the second, Ajman, followed it, scoring (83.5) in the safety index and (16.5) in the crime index. Dubai is the third emirate, with a similar score to that of Ajman. Lastly, Ras al-Khaimah came in fourth.

Via Numbeo

How Does This Ranking Work?

Numbeo is a survey-based index. Website visitors are required to answer questions related to safety, cost of living, crime, pollution, healthcare, traffic, and more. Based on a huge database of surveys, lists are made every year for each of the designated categories.

Besides the four emirates, Qatar’s Doha and Oman’s Muscat lead the top 10 list as two of the pioneering cities in the Arab world.

Additionally, Cairo ranks 210 among 329 cities, scoring (50.5) in the crime index and (49.5) in the safety index.

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