Flowering Season Of Almond Trees: A Look At A Captivating Natural Phenomenon In Saudi Arabia

Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, there’s a village in Saudi Arabia’s Taif currently witnessing one of nature’s solo dances: the annual blossoming of almond tree flowers.

Via Gulf News

In late January, amid the winter season extending through March, the families of Bani Malik village are enjoying the flowering season of thousands of Bajali almond trees, softly paving the way for a harvest that shall take place in June. Each almond tree is expected to offer hundreds of kilograms of little almond fruits caressed in a hard shell.

Such a source of beauty is cherished by local families as a valuable source of income and by Saudi Arabia as a captivating part of its natural and cultural heritage.

Via Saudi Gazette

For visitors looking at the Bani Malik village now from afar, the white blossoms resemble a flood of scattered pearls.

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