Where Nature & Luxury Come Together: NEOM Unveils Latest Masterpiece ‘Zardun’

Just days into 2024, NEOM has already announced two major projects, with the latest one being ‘Zardun,’ which surpasses the limitations of architecture and ecological coexistence.

Planned to settle on the Aqaba Gulf, covering four kilometers, NEOM’s most recent project, ‘Zardun,’ is an ultra-luxury resort that blends the natural wildlife experience with a modernist and futuristic one.

This resort will comprise three hotels—Tower, Wedge, and Nature—each boasting different designs and themes, with a total of 100 luxury rooms and suites. Guests can relish the stunning views of the valley and sea, immersing themselves in the coexistence of plants and animals in a relaxed environment.

Residents of the upcoming Zardun will also be able to engage in adventurous activities like rock climbing and mountain biking during the day. Additionally, in the evening, they can make use of the pure skies of Aqaba, taking part in activities such as stargazing.

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