600 Million EGP Harbor In Egypt Is Expected To Make Rosetta A New Tourist Attraction

Rosetta (Rashid) City in Egypt is waiting for the imminent opening of the country’s first comprehensive harbor, which is costing the government 600 million pounds. Currently, 90% of its construction is finished, and work has been in full swing for months.


Located in the Northern region of Egypt, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Rosetta harbor is expected to attract tourists and visitors to the beautiful coastal city, reviving tourism into one of the country’s below-the-radar places.

The harbor extends over 4 kilometers and is spacious enough to fit 60 operating boats in one hour. It’s also expected to secure around 4,000 jobs for Egyptians in the region.

Around the port, you can find everything related to fishing — from shops selling fishing equipment and fresh fish markets to retail outlets situated next to an industrial area responsible for exporting fish to several countries around the world.

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