Horse Stables And Veterinary Care: Egypt’s EGP 11M Animal Shelter In Aswan

Aswan’s governor, Ashraf Attia, has announced an animal shelter project set to commence construction in Aswan governorate; it’ll be the first of its kind project created by the Egyptian government to shelter animals.

Via Alhurra

The dog shelter, which is for the purpose of protecting civilians and providing ethical alternatives for the stray animals’ problems, is expected to have a horse stable to house illegally-owned stray horses and ponies and veterinary care for stray dogs. It’ll stretch along 2,100 square meters, and the estimated budget is EGP 11.3 million.

Given the escalating problem of stray animals in Egypt, especially in disadvantaged areas, there’s a great need to offer ethical and sustainable alternatives. The governmental decision to build its first shelter in Aswan is expected to be adopted in other cities around the country.

Before that, sheltering animals manifested itself in privately owned shelters that are funded by charitable organizations. However, organizations like Hope and Refk animal rescues are usually struggling with cash flow and rent.

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