Ultimate Pet Luxury? All You Need To Know About Dubai’s Small Dogs Hotel

Smaller dogs can be a handful, despite their miniature size they demand much more attention from their owners and extra care as opposed to bigger breeds.

That is why My Second Home pet hotel in Dubai came up with a luxurious solution for the tiny ones, creating a specialized suite aptly named Little Gems Suite that comes with climate control, filtered water, room service, and even live cameras to keep an eye on while you are away.

The 5-star pet accommodation experience will be taking reservations this December just in time for the Christmas holidays.

The UAE is shaping up to be one of the best spots in the region for our four-legged friends as people are required by law to treat them well and keep their vaccines and microchipping up to date.

Along with a number of dog-friendly beaches now accessible to the public, this hotel will put the owners’ minds at ease knowing their prized pooches are welcome and well cared for while they are on vacation.

My Second Home boasts the biggest dog care facility in the world, with 60,000 sq ft of indoor parks, grooming, training, daycare, pool, and snow facilities for all types of doggies run by prominent dog experts from the world over.

You read that right, snow facilities for longer-haired dogs that like the cold. There will also be breed-specific events and activities not to mention dog therapy in the form of Reiki. Talk about 5-star level service.

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