Fun Date Ideas Across Cairo’s Downtown 

Ditch the usual dinner date for an authentic experience with your loved one in the gem that is Cairo’s Downtown. The historical location offers a number of hidden spots that set the perfect ambiance for connecting and getting to know one another…think deep conversation and giggles galore.

Explore Abdeen Palace Museum

If you and your partner are history buffs then Abdeen Palace is the place for you. Abdeen Palace Museum is located at El-Gomhoreya Square; the beautiful spot is not just about the history but the beautiful garden views and unique palm trees embellishing the European style architecture of the palace. After paying an entrance fee of 25 Egyptian Pounds you’ll get to roam the palace grounds, check out the various halls that showcase King Farouk I’s weapons and even take cheesy couple pictures against the beautiful backdrops that the palace has to offer.

Experience Authentic Italian Dining At CaiRoma

We said that going to a restaurant is considered a “typical” type of date, but this pizza place is worth the cliché. If you and your loved one are big pizza fans, then head to CaiRoma, a hidden gem in Cairo’s Downtown Youssef El-Gendy street. The place is a haven for pizza lovers offering authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza and it’s not just about the pizza, the restaurant’s outdoor location along with the chairs, decorations and greenery will make you feel as if you’ve taken your loved one on a trip to Napoli. Their specialty is the Boscaiola pizza which has a variety of toppings that include mozzarella, porcini, champignon mushrooms, tomatoes and cream. The place closes at 1 am, so you’ll have plenty of time to go and have your meal following a walk around Downtown.

Catch A Film At Zawya Cinema

Nothing screams romance than sitting in a darkened room, holding your partner’s hand while enjoying an entertaining film on the big screen. With Zawya Cinema you won’t just get to do that but will also get the chance to watch unique independent films that cater to a niche audience. Make sure to keep an eye out on the cinema’s itinerary as throughout the year, many film festivals take place within its halls. Expect everything from the European panorama film festival to even the annual Oscars week where you’ll get to watch nominated films on the big screen.

Sail On A Felucca

Egypt is blessed with the Nile River and nothing beats its captivating view overlooking Cairo’s downtown buildings. To soak in that scenery, go for private picnic on a felucca, grab food and sail across the Nile. It might cost a bit more if you rent the whole boat by yourselves, but who doesn’t like some privacy on a romantic date? This can be done either in the mornings or afternoons and honestly, it will rejuvenate your soul and enable you to take some cool photos to commemorate such a special occasion. It might get a little chilly so prepare your winter clothes.

Hit Up The Access Art Space

Located on Champollion Rd, Access Art Space, which was formerly known as Townhouse Gallery, is an art space that features modern art and sculptures. It is a 15-minute walk from Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Museum and has a shop filled with peculiar souvenirs encompassing the best of Egyptian pop culture. There’s nothing more romantic then being surrounded by beautiful art work. Be sure to keep checking their Facebook page for any upcoming events.

All these different styles of dates offer special out of the box and affordable options where both of you can discover a new passion to share and strengthen your relationship with one another.

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