A Couple’s Night In: Top Egyptian Meals to Make This Valentine’s

Champagne, oysters, and strawberries are all classics for Valentine’s day. But we got all of them from the west. Granted the whole idea of celebrating love on a specific day is as westernized as can be. But it’s 2022, how about we spice things up a bit, make everything about this special day more loud, bold, and in your face. Make it more Egyptian! So, here’s a list of Egyptian foods that should be a staple every Valentine’s day. 

Stuffed Pigeon 

Starting the list strong with the biggest old Egyptian movies cliché of all time. Picture this, newlyweds and their first meal together: the woman breaks a cooked bird in half and feeds her now-husband the first bite. That bird is a stuffed pigeon. Pigeons are widely consumed all over the world but the specific cooking style which is stuffing the bird with aromatic, fragrant rice then sewing it shut and boiling it then searing it is native to Egypt, particularly in the south. A delicious meal to show love for your significant other, way before Valentine’s day excited.


Still on theme with the newlyweds in Egyptian movies. Duck is considered one of the most beloved meals here not just for couples or newlyweds but also in big feasts and family gatherings. Prepared just like pigeons, boiled, and then seared to a crisp for a slice of juicy, succulent duck meat with a crispy skin. 


Along the same vein, the rabbit is prepared the same way as the others. Finding them has become harder over time since raising them saw a decline over the years. But Valentine’s might be worth the hassle so you can feed your partner a moist one.


The first beef meal on the list. Tarb is a special type of BBQ, basically a form of Kofta. Typically made with spiced beef mince, made into a cylindrical shape, then wrapped in a specific fatty tissue from sheep. The meal itself is widely known by natives and tourists alike. Delicious, juicy, and dripping with yummy fat, Tarb needs to be enjoyed intimately on Valentine’s date night. 


Also known in Egypt as Butcher shop fruits, or more internationally known as Variety Meats. They are any type of non-muscle parts from different livestock animals. These include organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines. Other parts include glands, like sweetbread which is the thymus or pancreas. Each part is cooked in a special way with different spices, herbs, and aromatics. Truly an exciting non-traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s. Only for the daring lovers. 


This meal is like an introduction to those who want to try Offal. A mix of beef, liver, and spleen. Sautéed with onions and spices. Chew, flavorful, and umami. This meal is considered both a delicacy and fast food. Perfect for Valentine’s date night out.

Stuffed intestines 

Also part of the Offal organs, this meal is a staple in all gatherings and Egyptian households. Consists of cow intestines well cleaned and prepared, then stuffed just like sausages with a blend of rive, minced beef, herbs, spices, and aromatics. Absolutely delicious!


A really peculiar meal, not for the faint of heart, but a really strong Valentine’s contender. It is basically cow’s calves meticulously clean and prepped for cooking, usually served with its own broth, rice, and a tangy garlic tomato sauce. The perfect meal to cap off Valentine’s celebration.

Alexandrian Seafood

What’s a romantic dinner without seafood? Thankfully, we have Alexandrian seafood style to save our Valentine’s dates. From shrimp, lobster, and crab to more expensive seafood rarities like sea urchins. All these seafood are delectable and mouth-watering, while also being a perfect fit for Valentine’s date night. 

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